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OK even though the username is Hot_lyrics i've decided to change this LJ and make it a place where I can write. Since I've started creative writing I write a lot more now. I really like it. Even though I might not be THAT great I still like it. So here goes. here is an exploded moment in time, making it longer. Tell me what you think...

I was late for school becasue I had slept in. So I slammed my door and rushed down the hallway. I hear a strange cracking sound slowly getting louder. I turn around to see what's behind me. Inch by inch the large white laundry room door was coming closer. Dazed and confused I wonder what's going on? Then SLAM! The weight of a door pushed me back a little. Then, the edge of the door came crashing down and hit me on the head. As I try to make an escape I step 2 inches too far and I start my desent down the stairs. First, I completly missed the 1st step. Then, I try to put my right leg on the 2nd step, but i failed misserably. Next, the only other part of my body to hit the ground was my butt. With the friction of the soft carpet O slid down the stairs. Step by step I slide, managing to hit every single of the 11 steps. Finally, I lay helpless at the bottom of the steps. Still concious, but too scarred to even try to get up. The seconds go by, each one slower than the last. Until my mom comes running over to help me.
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